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Ren Na


  Name:Ren Na


  Telephone: (8610) 64063921

  Fax:(8610) 64063041

  Degree: Ph.D

  Title: Editor of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies

  Foreign Language: English

  Research Area: East-Asia Scurity, Non-traditional Security

  Work Experience: June, 2008~ National Institute of International Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (NIIS, CASS)


  Ph.D., Shandong University, 2004-2007

  Major: International Studies

  M.A., Shandong University, 2001-2004

  Major: International Studies


  China’s Non-Traditional Security Issues: Levels and Responses, Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies, No. 5, 2010.

  The Mechanisms of GMS Cooperation: Problems and Countermeasures, Journal of Strategy and Decision-making, No. 2, 2012.

  The Inter-governmental Cooperation on Non-traditional Security Issues, Non-traditional Security Research Report, 2011-2012, Social Sciences Academy Press(China), April, 2012.

On paper: