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About the National Institute of International Strategy, CASS

The National Institute of International Strategy, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (NIIS, CASS) is a cross-disciplined, comprehensive and trailblazing think tank directly affiliated to the Sate Council of the People’s Republic of China. It is committed to analyzing major issues and trends in areas such as China’s foreign policy, international relations and strategies, and to helping both the Party and state leaders address key challenges through collaborative solutions.

The overall mission of the NIIS includes researches on the world economic, political and social development; global governance mechanism; regional hot-spot and knotty problems; doctrines and trends of thought related with international strategy; overall and comprehensive issues with long-term trends in China's international strategy. The NIIS also puts forth scientific, forward-looking and specific ideas and suggestions to the state policy-making bodies.

The NIIS consists of 8 departments: The Department of Political Studies; The Department of Asia-Pacific Security and Diplomatic Studies; The Department of Asia-Pacific Social & Cultural Studies; The Division on International Economic Relations; The Department of Great Power Relations Studies; The Department of Emerging Economy Studies; The Department of Regional Cooperation Studies; and The Department of China's Regional and Global Strategy.

The NIIS is, on behalf of the CASS, also in charge of 6 research centers and 2 national academic associations. The research centers include: The Center for APEC and East Asian Studies, CASS; The Center for South Asian Studies, CASS; The Center for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Studies, CASS; The Center for Regional Security Studies, CASS; The Center for Northeast Asian Studies, NIIS; and The Center for Southeast Asian Studies, NIIS. The 2 national academic associations include: The Chinese Association for Asia-Pacific Studies; and The Chinese Association for South Asian Studies. The NIIS currently has 68 research fellows and staff members.

The NIIS sponsors 2 academic journals: Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies (bimonthly) and South Asian Studies (quarterly). It also publishes the Development Report of the Asia-Pacific (annually).

The NIIS provides graduate programs for students with the Department of Asia-Pacific Studies, the Graduate School of the CASS. The NIIS is entitled to confer Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree to graduate students majoring in international economics, international politics and international relations. It has 6 advisers for Ph. D. programs and 7 advisers for Master programs. There is also a postdoctoral research station at the NIIS.

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