Brief Introduction to the Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies

About the Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies
The Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies is one of the Chinese core journals. It is the source journal of the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) and ranks at the forefront of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI). It was selected as the Authoritative Journal (second order) by the AMI Comprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Journal of Humanities and Social Science 2022, and it was awarded the "Most Popular" journals for 2016-2021 and 2021 by the National Center for Philosophy and Social Science Documentation(NCPSSD).
The focuses of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies are: (1) China’s diplomacy and foreign strategy, in which include China’s regional and global strategy, China’s diplomatic ideas and policy practice, etc.(2)Asia-Pacific political and economic relations, given priority to China-US relations, relations between China and regional countries, interactions between Asia-Pacific international relations and China, relationship between China’s rise and current international politics and world economic systems.(3)East Asian order, Asia-Pacific regional pattern, East Asian/Asia-Pacific regional cooperation.(4)International strategy, given priority to the great powers’ strategy towards Asia-Pacific and China.(5)Historical experience from East Asian international relations and historical research which the enlightening value to China’s reality can be provided.(6)IR theory, which is best to have a certain practical contact with the real international relations , especially with China’s real problems.(7)Deep theoretical or policy analysis on international/regional hotspot issues and events.
The Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies has been received widespread attention from the academic community. Currently we are engaged in an author’s team, which is composed of domestic well-known experts and young scholars, making efforts to create a first-class academic journal.

The members of the Political Research: