Department of China's Regional and Global Strategy

  Ratified by the personnel bureau of the Chinese academy of social sciences (CASS), the institute of Asia Pacific studies (IAPS) established a new sector in January 2011, named the department of China's regional strategy, which was renamed as the department of China's regional and global strategy on December 29, 2011, when the IAPS development as National Institute of International Strategy (NIIS).
  The major tasks of the new department include two aspects: first, studying the new change of the neighborhood political, economic and security environment by using the interdisciplinary methodology under the background of the rise of China, and to find a favorable strategic choice for China's neighborhood diplomacy; second, providing inspiring and valuable policy suggestion for decision-makers of Chinese government, and constructing the theory of international relations with Chinese characteristics. 
  The neighborhood environment has significant influence on the development of a country. With the rapid growth of the China's economic strength and international position, the relations between China and neighboring countries has entered a new phase of adjustment. However, due to the lack of a professional research center to study china's neighborhood environment and strategy, the contradiction between the policy needs and academic supply become increasingly prominent. The establishment of the department of China's regional and global strategy is expected to meet the relevant theoretical innovation, and makes contribution to the strategic choice of the government's neighborhood diplomacy.

The members of the Political Research: