Department of Political Studies

    DPS mainly studies on political system and process in Asia-Pacific region using methods of comparative politics. There are three levels of the research: first regional, take Asia-Pacific region as a whole and study its political characteristics, evolution, and effective factors in and out of the region; Secondly, sub-region studies on the political process of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia; thirdly, case studies of individual countries in the region.
  DPS’s main areas of research are: Political parties and party systems, Political transition, democratization, political violence and political stability, public opinion, voting behavior, political election and the consequences of electoral systems, political identity, social movements, and so on.
  The regional and country focus includes: Northeast Asia (especially DPRK, ROK, Japan), Southeast Asia (especially members of ASEAN), South Asia (India, Pakistan) and so on.
  Publications in the recent years:
  Social Movements in East Asia (2009, Coauthored by Li wen, Zhao ziyong etc)
  East Asia: Political Parties and Political Participation (2007, Edited by Li wen,)
  East Asia: Constitutional Politics and Democracy (2005, Edited by Li wen)
  How the Koreans View China (2012, Coauthored by Dong xiangrong etc)
  Monarchy, Authority, Plutocracy: Political Modernization in Thailand (2011, Zhou fangye)

The members of the Political Research: