Department of Asia-Pacific Security and Diplomatic Studies

  Any country who wants to survive and ensure a long period of order and stability in an anarchic international community has to design and execute a national security strategy, whose implementation and achievement relies on elaborating diplomacy. As a result, the country must have an objective and clear judgment on its external security environment. For the purpose of this, Security and diplomatic studies are very necessary.
  China, as an Asia-Pacific country, has critical interests in the region, should formulate an appropriate national security strategy, has a systematic, in-depth study and understanding of the regional security affairs. Its mission of DAPSDS is to promote understanding of the regional security situation and provide policy recommendations through the generation and dissemination of research on diplomacy and security-related issues.
  DAPSDS has a well-qualified research faculty, dedicates to objective research and policy relevant studies on all aspects of security and diplomacy, including assessment of China's peripheral security environment, maritime security, non-traditional security, regional security mechanism, the Korean Peninsula issue, and regional security in South Asia and Southeast Asia.
  DAPSDS is currently in charge of disciplinary construction of Asia-Pacific international relations, a key discipline of CASS. DAPSDS has been publishing annual assessment report on China’s peripheral security situation since 2010. Research at DAPSDS is driven by the need to provide impartial analyses and policy recommendations, thus we are willing to enhance exchange and cooperation with government agencies and other organizations.

The members of the Political Research: