Li Zhifei


  Name:Li Zhifei


  Experience in cass:2009

  Telephone: 8610-64030633


  Degree: Ph.D

  Title: Assistant research fellow

  Foreign Language: English

  Research Area: No-traditional Security in Asia-Pacific area

  Work Experience: 2009/7, Department of Asia-Pacific Security and Diplomatic Studies, National Institute of International Strategy, CASS


  2003/9-2009/7, Renmin University of China. Master and PhD

  2007/9-2008/9, Wasada University of Japan.PhD


  Security Mechanisms in East Asia:International Public Provision and Regional Cooperation, Peking: Social Science Academic Press,2012.1.

  “Water and international relations: A regional public goods perspectives”, Foreign Affair Review, March 2013.

  “Analysis on transboundary rivers problem between China and the surrounding countries”, Pacific Review, April 2011.

  “The water diplomacy: a new proposal on the periphery safety construction of China”, Academic Exploration, April 2013.

On paper: