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Southeast Asia: Political Change and Social Transformation

Author: Li WenSilver Editor Source: China Social Sciences PressTime :2006-09-01 14:09:00


The book systematically analyzes the overwhelming change and features of Southeast Asian countries' political institutions and society after WW, showing history and law, experience, problems and solutions. It also focuses on the prospect of Southeast Asian countries' political and social development.

It has 14 chapters: Ideology and Practice of Southeast Asian Countries' Political Modernization, the Formation and Transformation of Southeast Asian Countries' Political Institution, Party, Interest Group and the Gain of Interest, the Change and Practice of Content of Human Rights, NGO: Social Status and Political Influence, the Change of Social Classes, the Middle-Class in Social Change, Unbalanced Development, Gap between the Poor and Rich and Governmental Interference, Urbanization, Transnational Migrant Labor Force, Social Welfare and Security, Ethnic Relations: Social Integration and National, Religious Problems, Chinese Decedents as well as Political and Social Transformation.