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Japanese Cultural Propagation and Influence in China

Author: Li WenSilver Editor Source: China Social Sciences PressTime :2004-09-01 14:24:00


On the basis of China and Japan normalizing the bilateral relations, with the opportunity of China's opening up and reform policy, from 1972 to 2002, Japanese culture is profoundly propagated in China in many aspects, having great impact on Chinese economic development, social change and cultural transformation.

The book systemically summarizes the methods and contents of Japanese cultural propagation in China from 1972 to 2002, objectively comments on Japanese cultural positive impact on Chinese modernization and historical meaning. It also discovers cultural propagation's new feature and regulation under the circumstance of globalization.

It introduces the personnel exchange, Japanese technology transfer to China, Japanese managing method in China, bilateral research and exchange, languages, arts and literature, movies and TV series, ideology and way of living.

Thus, it is a positive and innovative masterpiece.