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Cooperation in East Asia:A Cultural Interpretation

Author: Li WenSilver Editor Source: World Affairs PressTime :2005-01-01 14:30:00


The book is the research achievement of the program "Cultural Foundation for East Asian Cooperation” hosted by Prof. Zhang Yunling.

It is the first time to discuss the achievement and prospect of East Asian cooperation from cultural perspective in China. And the book systematically and profoundly analyzes the formation, dissolving and reformation of East Asian cultural zoon, also analyzing the link between East Asian cultural zoon and economic zoon, the post WW cultural factor's positive and negative role to East Asian economic localization and East Asian cooperation.

It also discusses the status quo and prospect of the meaning, contents of East Asian cultural renaissance, and the formation of East Asian community.

It includes 10 chapters:

Background: the Cultural Foundation of East Asian Cooperation and Research Theory

Life Culture and the Chopstick Cultural Zoon

Language, Character and the Chinese Character Cultural Zoon

Religion, Belief and the Confucius Cultural Zoon

Ancient China and China-Centered Order

Recent Japan and Its "Asiaism"

Modern Asian Economic Cooperation Framework

Enlargement of the Content of Modern and the Increasing Common Aspects of Culture

The Formation of East Asian Regional Consciousness

The Renaissance of East Asian Culture