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The Modern Politics of Asia

Author: Li WenSilver Editor Source: China Social Sciences PressTime :2008-02-01 14:32:00


The book discusses Northeast, Southeast and South Asian politics.

It has 4 parts. Part A, the comprehensive discussion on Asian policies, analyzes the political development before WW, the transformation of Asian countries in political aspects after WW, the factors influencing the Asian political development after WW, and regional organization, economic cooperation and political development.

Part B, C and D discuss the progress of the political modernization, political institution and system, partial institution and political involvement, government and administration in Northeast, Southeast and South Asian countries.

It is the first textbook that mainly focuses on Asia-Pacific politics. And we adopt the comparative political method, to analyze and summerize Asian political system. From the perspective of Asian people, we have summarized the unique experience of Asian political development, interpreted the new pheromone of Asian country’s transformation.