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East Asia: Constitutionalism and Democracy

Author: Li WenSilver Editor Source: China Social Sciences PressTime :2005-08-01 15:00:00


It is the paper album of the seminar "East Asia: Constitutionalism and Democracy" held in Aug 2004, which includes the elite and up-to-date research result on East Asian political transformation. The authors come from Peking University, Sun Yat-sun University, Ji’nan University, CASS, and CIRIR.

It has 3 parts. In part A, the New Experience and Model of East Asian Political modernization, the papers are the Difference and Similarity of Asian Two Political Models, Some Thoughts on Authoritarianism in the Process of East Asian Modernization, and an Analysis of East Asian Political Transformation.

In part B, there are the following papers: towards Constitutionalism: Four Southeast Asian Countries, The Democracy Experience in Southeast Asia: Comments on the Power Transition in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore, Islamic Factor in the Progress of Indonesian and Malaysian Democracy, Malaysian Constitutional Development, Democracy and Efficiency: the Reevaluation of Singaporean Political Institution, An Analysis of Singaporean "Asian Democracy", Thai Congress and Authoritarian, Thai Constitutionalism and Democratic Progress, Indonesian Democratic Transformation and Democracy Soft Landing, Indonesian General Election and Political Transformation, the Islamic role in Indonesia, "Week Country" and Its Roots: A Case Study on Indonesia, US Interfering Indonesian Democratic Progress after the Financial Crisis, the Myanmar Democratic Progress after 1988.

Part C, the Progress and Problems in Northeast Asian Democratic Progress, has Regionalism in Korean Election, the Formation of Korean Civil Movement, Mongolian Political and Social Transformation, Japanese Recent Election Result and Japanese Women Political Participation, and the Gap between Japanese democracy and Western democracy.