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The Change of East Asian Society

Author: Li WenSilver Editor Source: World Affairs PressTime :2003-08-01 15:05:00


The book consists of 3 parts. Part A Localization focuses on post war major countries in the region discovering proper development method on the basis of reality rather than following the way of developed countries.

Developing countries, family corporations, harmonious labor force and capitalist relations, social welfare institution and Confucianism are the main factor that is good for East Asian economic development.

Part B Regionism includes post 1980s East Asian economic regionalizaion's role to East Asian modernization, impact on social political development in the region and change to the west-east relations caused by regional development.

Part C Globalization analyzes most countries and regions starting the political and social transformation in the new era of economic globalization, including the reform of development institutions, the readjustment of development strategy, the evolution of NGO and civil society, the relations among different classes and the change of social framework, and the cultural change.

The book is a landmark in Chinese research on East Asian social transformation.