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Essays on U.S. economy

Author: Zhang YuyanSilver Editor Source: zhejiang university pressTime :2007-12-01 22:10:00


  The easiest way to see what’s in this book is to turn to the table of contents. It lists each chapter and each chapter’s contents in rich detail. This book is comprised of 9 research papers and 1 speech essay as an appendix, which are:

       Market Economy in Regulation and Government RegulationAn Evolutionary Analysis of the U.S. Govemment Regulatory System

       Corruption and Anti-Corruption in the American History

       Contemporary American Corruption: Data, Cases and Mechanism

       The Formation and Economic Implications of the US Constitution

       US Conduct Based on Interest Maximization

      “Miracle” or “Conventional Growth”? ——On American Economic Growth of 7 Consecutive Years

       Dollarization: reality, theories and implications of policies

       A Study Based on Controversies over Exchange Rate of RMB between China and USA

       The U.S. Role in Today’s World and a Review of the International Situation in 1995

       On the Economic Security of China during the Economic Globalization Process

In this book, the author researches into the institutional basis and source of US conduct with the modern political economy, which expands the visual field in modern studies of the United States.