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Gold and Silver in America and Emergence of the West

Author: Zhang Yuyan & Gao ChengSilver Editor Source: China citic pressTime :2004-01-01 22:19:00


Once a historian narrates the history, there will be a new his-story. Facing those historical puzzles, which have perplexed and interested the human being for a long time, people will not be prepared to bend to the only answer. This book just focuses on the issue that though old so new—after suffering long-term slowly crawling growth, what leads the Western Europe to a new road to miracle growth  

Gold and silver in America are taken to Europe suddenly and largely. Generally speaking, those gold and silver are completely exogenous from Europe. As an unpredictable and uncontrollable initial variance, the entrance of the gold and silver induces institutional changes in the Western Europe and finally forms the institutional advantages for the economic growth.

This book aims to explore the historical process of the evolvement of the European market with gold and silver from America and to show the sources of the emergence of the West. All in all, the book contains important and enlightening points that may be further developed.




         Chapter one: Introduction

         Chapter two: Summarization and propositions

         Chapter three: The movement of the gold and silver from America to Europe and the redistribution of the social wealth

         Chapter four: The changes of the class structure and countries function in the Western Europe

         Chapter five: The Western Europe bourgeois revolution and the innovation of the property rights institution

         Chapter six: The formation of efficient capital market in the Western Europe

         Chapter seven: Conclusions and additional remarks