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China and Asian Regionalism

Author: Zhang YunlingSilver Editor Source: Time :2009-10-02 09:47:00


  This book traces the development of Asian regionalism and analyzes China's role and policy on East Asian cooperation and integration. The 16 papers in this volume directly involve all major policy researches and project designing in the process of the East Asia cooperation. They provide valuable information for knowing, understanding and studying the ongoing process of regional cooperation in East Asia.

  The arguments are supported by solid data analysis and documentation, which makes the views presented in this volume authoritative and convincing. It is highly recommended to graduate students and researchers interested in international trade and Asia Pacific cooperation, as well as trade policy negotiators, policy analysts, and business strategy developers interested in Asia Pacific markets. --The Journal of Asian Studies


  East Asian Cooperation: Path & Approach;

  Emerging East Asian Regionalism;

  Projecting East Asian Community Building;

  East Asian Cooperation: Where to Go?;

  Northeast Asian Community: Is it Possible to Make Vision into Reality;

  The Development of East Asian FTA;

  China's FTA Strategy: An Overview;

  Designing East Asian FTA: Rational and Feasibility;

  How to Promote Monetary and Financial Cooperation in East Asia;

  The Asian Financial Crisis and Regional Cooperation;

  Environment and Energy Cooperation in East Asia;

  China's Economic Emergence and Regional Cooperation;

  China's Accession to WTO and its Impact on China

  ASEAN Relations;


  ASEAN FTA and Its Impact;


  ASEAN FTA and East Asian Cooperation;

  Comparing China and Japan in Developing the Partnership with ASEAN.