Zhang Song


Name:Zhang Song




Degree: PhD

Title:Assistant Research Fellow

Foreign Language:English


Research Areas:

International Trade; Foreign Direct Investment; development economics


Work Experiences:

2020.8- National Institute of International Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China


Journal Articles:

Zhang, S., & Chen, C. (2020). Does outward foreign direct investment facilitate China's export upgrading?. China & World Economy, 28(5), 64-89.

Zhang, S., Li, H., & Chen, C. (2022). Outward FDI and productivity promotion of exporting firms: firm-level evidence from China. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 17(9), 2218-2238.

Zhang, S., Kalirajan, K., & Chen, C. (2022). The impact of outward foreign direct investment on China’s export: an analysis using two-tier stochastic frontier gravity model. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 1-21.

The impact of China’s outward foreign direct investment on its export similarity with belt and road countries

Sun, Y., Zhang, K., & Zhang, S. (2021). The impact of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment on the comparative advantage of the Belt and Road countries. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 1-35.


On paper: