Shen Minghui


  Name:Shen Minghui



  Degree: PhD

  Title: Associate professor


  Head of Emerging Economies Dept.

  National Institute of International Strategy, CASS

  Deputy director of Center for APEC and East Asian Cooperation, CASS

  Foreign Language:English

  Research Area: FTA issues and regional integration

  Work Experience: Since July 2007, National Institute of International Strategy, (previously Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


  September 1, 2004- July 1, 2007 PhD, Economics and Management School of Wuhan University

  September 1, 1997-September 1, 2001- July 1, 2004 M.A., Business School of Wuhan University

  July 1, 2001 B.A., Economics School of Wuhan University


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