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The Director’s Message

As the first director of the National Institute of International Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (NIIS CASS), I would like to share my knowledge of this well-known institute with you. And I, on behalf of all my colleagues, also warmly welcome our counterparts, friends both at home and abroad to visit my institute.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is the premier academic institution and comprehensive research center of the People’s Republic of China in the fields of philosophy and social sciences. It is also one of the think tanks directly affiliated to the Sate Council of the PRC. The National Institute of International Strategy is one of the 31 research institutes of the CASS. Established in December 2011, it has replaced the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CASS and currently has 65 research fellows and staff members.

The NIIS has not only carried forward its predecessor’s academic tradition and superior subjects, but also set up some new subjects and departments to meet the demand of the changing international environment and China’s diplomacy. The NIIS is dedicated to researching the world economic and social development, global governance mechanism, as well as overall and comprehensive issues with long-term trends in China's international strategy.

Conducting broad international academic exchange remains one of the NIIS’s guidelines. Each year scholars and experts from various countries come and pay their visits to the NIIS, and some of them stay and work as visiting scholars here. The NIIS also sends its own scholars abroad for academic exchanges. International conferences are regularly held at the NIIS. The NIIS also conducts researches in collaboration with a number of foreign research institutions. The officials of foreign embassies in Beijing, representatives of international organizations, and overseas journalists also pay frequent visits to this institute.

The NIIS is, on behalf of the CASS, also in charge of 4 research centers and 2 national research associations. The NIIS sponsors 2 academic journals: Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies (bimonthly) and South Asian Studies (quarterly), it also publishes the Development Report of the Asia-Pacific (annually). We also provide graduate programs for students with the Department of Asia-Pacific Studies, the Graduate School of the CASS. The NIIS is entitled to confer Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree majoring in international economics, international politics and international relations.

With the efforts of all research fellows and staff members of this institute, under the leadership of the CASS, quite some remarkable achievements have been made by my institute in the past. In the context of fresh, complex and dynamic domestic and international situation, many important issues are awaiting to be researched. We will continue to shoulder our responsibility to conduct relative researches.


                                                                                                                             Li Xiangyang, Director of NIIS