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Sino-Japanese Dispute over the Diaoyu Islands and Affects to the East Asian Pattern

Author: Li ChengriSilver Editor Source: Blue Book Of Asia-PacificTime :2014-05-07 14:27:00

  Abstract: In September of 2012, the Japanese government announced to “buy” the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated South Island and North Island which belong to China, to implement the so-called “nationalization”. The action of Japanese government is a serious violation to China's sovereignty. Sino-Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands reached to a climax, and the Sino-Japanese relations are also in the toughest period since the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations 40 years ago. From the perspective of Japan's domestic political right deviation, this article describes the background of Sino-Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands in 2012. Moreover, on the basis of these descriptions, the paper analyzes how the Diaoyu Islands dispute affects the Sino-Japanese relations, the cooperation of China-Japan-ROK, and the adjustment of the U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy.

  Key Words: the Dispute over Diaoyu Islands, Political Right Deviation, Sino-Japanese Relations, China-Japan-ROK Cooperation, the U.S. Asia-Pacific Strategy