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Lessons and Experiments of “Huangyan Island Accident” to China’s South Sea Strategy and Policy Implements

Author: Ye HailinSilver Editor Source: Blue Book Of Asia-PacificTime :2014-05-07 14:31:00

  Abstract: “Huangyan Island Accident” occurred in April, 2012 was the symbolic events during the long-run competition for the sovereignty over the islands of South China Sea. Huangyan Island Accident’s development tendency, particularly the lessons learned by the relevant players and the later movements taken by them based on their analyzing to these lessons will bring very important impact to the future of regional security situation. Main players of this event engaged a game with limited determines and limited resource inputs till now. Security situation of South China Sea still maintains a vulnerable and fragile stability. During the Huangyan Island Accident, China’s serial response already made some progress to maintain China’s interests and lay a beneficial foundation to realize China’s strategy goal. But it also should be noticed that till now, the positive effect gained by China is only temperately and limited, if China failed into follow and keep the current developing track of Huangyan Island Accident, the tendency could be reversible.

  Keywords: Huangyan Island, South China Sea, Strategy Intention, Strategy Determines