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On Barriers and Path Selection of China-Japan-ROK FTA in the Post-Crisis Era

Author: Fu JingyunSilver Editor Source: Blue Book Of Asia-PacificTime :2014-05-07 14:38:00

  Abstract: In the fifth meeting of the leaders of China, Japan and ROK held in May 2012, three countries agreed to launch China-Japan-ROK FTA negotiations by the end of 2012. There is no doubt that such consensus will help to pull out of the lagging state of regional economic cooperation in Northeast Asia. However, recently escalating geopolitical conflicts in Northeast Asia make the prospect of CJK FTA uncertain. Meanwhile, it has become a long-term trend that China, Japan and ROK will accelerate the structural transformation of its domestic economy and expand the scale of regional consumer market. It is a feasible way to firstly launch China-ROK FTA negotiations in order to promote the CJK FTA.

  Key Words: China-Japan-ROK FTA; geopolitical conflicts; structural transformation; China-ROK FTA