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The Adjustment of Major Power’s Asia-Pacific Strategies and China’s Response

Author: Zhou FangyinSilver Editor Source: Blue Book Of Asia-PacificTime :2014-05-07 14:43:00

  Abstract: With US’s strategic rebalance to Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific strategies of world’s major powers undergo a new round of adjustment. This adjustment is an active adaptation and response toward the changing environment and times background. The aim of US’s Asia-Pacific strategy adjustment is to create beneficial conditions and solid foundation for US’s long term existence and primacy in the region. It is with an intention to influence and shape the framework of this region, so as to locking the evolutionary direction of this region. The adjustment of US’s Asia-Pacific strategy was to some extent followed by Japan and India’s regional strategies. As a comparison, Russia and EU’s Asia-Pacific strategies maintained to be more independent. The adjustment of major powers’ Asia-Pacific strategies will have deep influence to China’s further rise. We need to explore our effective strategy to deal with this new situation.

  Key words: China’s rise, East Asian structure, Asia-Pacific strategy, Sino-US relationship.