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Policy Adjustments and New Concepts in China’s Diplomatic Policy towards its Neighbors

Author: Chen Qi and Guan ChuanjingSilver Editor Source: Contemporary Asia Pacific StudiesTime :2014-09-26 15:19:00

Abstract: In the face of a changing environment in its periphery and new international challenges, China’s 18th Party Congress has made timely adjustments to China’s foreign policy towards its neighbors.The convening of the central government’s working group on foreign policy towards neighboring countries served to consolidate these policy adjustments. In sum, China has emphasized that it will more consciously and systematically advance its foreign policy efforts with respect to neighboring countries.Taking into account the main direction of China’s policy adjustments and both empirical problems and policy debates .regarding China’s diplomacy vis-à-vis neighboring countries, this article analyzes the Chinese concepts of “amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness” and policy issues stemming from these concepts.It argues that the core focus of foreign diplomacy vis-à-vis China’s neighbors should trend towards key issues related to conflict resolution and regional cooperation.