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Tagore’s Engagement with the Soviet Union

Author: Liu JianSilver Editor Source: South Asian StudiesTime :2014-04-25 11:02:00

  ABSTRACT: Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) cherished some hope to the Russian October Revolution. In 1930, he managed to reach the Soviet Union to pay a long planned visit with three main aims: to see in person the new civilization, rural development and the education system in Russia. He was mainly interested in the mass education and had a strong desire to transform Indian society through spreading education. While confirming the achievements in those areas there, the Poet also made remarks with regard to the dark side of the moon. His opinion was profound and prophetic, and according to his reasoning, the Soviet Union might collapse one day if its problems were not mended. Tagore’s visit to Moscow exerted considerable influence upon his mind and work in the last period of his life. His Letters from Russia has become a very important historic document for making studies of his engagement with the Soviet Union. This paper is specially written for the 150th birth anniversary of the Poet.