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Tagore’s Visit to China in 1924: A Positive Reevaluation of Some Misunderstanding

Author: Wang YanSilver Editor Source: South Asian StudiesTime :2014-04-25 11:05:00

  ABSTRACT: Rabindranath Tagore’s first visit to China in 1924 once caused a fierce controversy in the Chinese cultural circles then. It was quite unusual for the new cultural camp to become seriously split. The leading figures that were critical of Tagore included Chen Duxiu, Guo Moruo and Shen Yanbing, yet all of them were the earliest translators and admirers of the Poet in China. Essays criticizing Tagore appeared mainly in political journals. Some of them were departing from facts or groundless. Some researches on the event, such as regarding Lu Xun as a spectator, have also been involved with mistakes. This paper tries to put forth a positive reevaluation of the event and clarify some persistent mistakes in the area of Tagore studies.