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U.S. New Development Aid Strategy to Pakistan

Author: Shao YuqunSilver Editor Source: South Asian StudiesTime :2014-04-25 11:07:00

  ABSTRACT: The Obama Administration initiated a new development aid strategy to Pakistan in 2009, which would offer US$ 7.5 billion non-military aid to Pakistan in the next five years. The new strategy focused on increasing the impact and transparency of American aid, and emphasized the humanitarian aid in the areas near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the domestic energy, agriculture and infrastructures. The Obama Administration hoped that the new strategy would improve the image of the U.S. in Pakistan, help the U.S. to get more cooperation from the Pakistani government on counter-terrorism and prevent Pakistan being used by religious extremists to attack on the American soil. The strategy has been debated in the United States and got different responses in Pakistan. So far the future of the strategy is not clear.