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Globalization and Trade Unions in India

Author: Zhang ShulanSilver Editor Source: South Asian StudiesTime :2014-04-25 11:21:00

  ABSTRACT: Against the background of globalization, India’s trade unions have changed a lot.As far as the organizational structure is concerned, new trade unions have been established, old trade unions have declined, but still dominate on the whole.The total amount of India’s trade unions has been increasing, but the scale of a separate trade union is smaller than before.In the past, few unorganized labours were members of trade unions.Now, they set up their own trade unions. More and more unorganized labours, especially women labours, actively join their own trade unions.The leadership of India’s trade unions has changed from externalization to interiorization.The function of the trade unions has beendiversified.However, the efficacy of India’s trade unions has been low since 1980.There are many factors for this, but the key reason is that there is a serious problem in the management of the whole team.