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Qu Caiyun


  Name:Qu Caiyun


  Telephone: 86 10 64039035

  Fax:86 10 64063041

  Degree: Ph.D

  Foreign Language: English Japanese

  Research Area: relations among major powers, Japan’s foreign diplomacy

  Work Experience: Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  Education: Ph.D. Department of Japanese Studies of Graduate School of, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


  Study on Japan's Environmental ODA in the Macro and Micro Perspective and It’s Enlightenment to China,Northeast Asia Forum, No.3, 2013.

  The Southwestward orientation of Japan’s defense strategy, Pacific Journal, No.10, 2012.

  Analyze the Strategic Development of Japan’s Environmental ODA, The Sixth China International Relations Doctoral Forum Proceedings.

  The Construction of Japan-Australia Bilateral Security Relationship After the Cold War, International Forum, No.3, 2011.

  Analyzing Japan’s Peace Constitution from the Angle of Soft Power, Journal of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, No.2, 2011.

  Probing into the Japan-Australia Security Relationship, Pacific Journal, No.2, 2011.

  The Development and Trend of Sino-Japanese Dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, Journal of the Party School Tianjin Committee of the CPC, No.2, 2011.

  Japan’s Environment Diplomacy Strategy, Contemporary International Relations, No.1, 2011.

  The Construction of Japan’s Post-war Position within the Asia-Pacific Security Situation, Journal of Contemporary, No.6, 2010.

On paper: