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Li Chengri


Name:Li Chengri


Telephone: 64039040


Degree: Ph.D

Title: Assistant research fellow

Foreign Language:Korean, Japanese


Educational Background:

1990.9 - 1995.7 School of Government, Peking University, bachelor of laws degree

1997.9 - 200.7 School of International Studies, Peking University, master's degree or law

2001.4 - 2008.2 Graduate School of Law, Keio University, doctor of Laws.


Research Areas:

North East Asia International Relations


Work Experiences:

2008.9 - 2012.8 Division of International Studies, Dongseo University, Korea, Associate Professor.


Journal Articles:

A Study on the Change of China’s Influence on the North Korea after South Korea and China Normalization, The Korean Civic Ethics Review, December 2012.

Examination into the Significance of Normalization of China-Korea Relations in 1992 – Focusing on the Korean Peninsula and China Relational Structure Changes, The Journal of International and Area Studies, December 2012.

China’s Korean Peninsula Policy and China-South Korea Relations: Focusing the Meaning of China and Korea ‘Strategic Cooperative Partnership’, Journal of Kaw, Politics and Sociology, December 2010



Chinese Policy toward Korean Peninsula, Keio University Press,2010.

On paper: