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Guo Jiguang


  Name:Guo Jiguang


  Expertise: Comparative Politics

  Languages: Chinese, English

  Telephone: (8610) 64032283

  Fax:(8610) 64063041


  Ph.D. Department of Political Science National University of Singapore

  M.A. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Sun Yat-Sen University

  B.A. Department of History Qufu Normal University


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  2. “Interest Coordination in the Process of Development– A Comparative Analysis on Indonesia and Malaysia”, Southeast Asia Studies, 2000, No. 5/6, pp.86-89

  3. “An Analysis of Singapore’s Middle Class”, Southeast Asia Studies, 2000, No.3, pp.72-75

  4. “Lee Kuan Yew’s Conception of Regional Cooperation”, Southeast Asia Studies, 2000, No.1, pp.39-43

  5.“Thailand’s Indo-China Policy during the Period of Vietnam Invasion of Cambodia”, Journal of Southeast Asia, 1998, No.1, pp.17-22




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