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Cao xiaoyang


  Name:Cao xiaoyang


  Experience in cass:2000/7- Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  Telephone: 010-64039034


  Degree: Master

  Title: Assistant fellow

  Foreign Language: English

  Research Area: U.S. strategy toward Asia-Pacific, International Security of East Asia

  Work Experience: 2000/7- Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science


  M. A. (07/2000)        International Relations, School of International Relations, Renmin University of China

  B. A. (07/1997)        Political Science, Department of Political Sciences, Jiangxi Normal University, Jiangxi, PRC


  1.“ US-Japan alliance: All-round Adjustment for 21st century”, Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies, 2006, 9.

  2.U.S. Military Existence in Southeast Asia since 911 and its influence, Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies, 2006, 3.

  3.An analysis of US-China Security cooperation, Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies, 2007, 7.

  4.S. Tang & X. Cao, “US, Japan, China: searching for the foundation of mutual security,” Strategy and Management (Beijing), No. 1, 2002 (February 2002).

  5.“SARS challenging Non-traditional Security of East Asia”, Chinese Economic Times, May 20, 2003.

  6.S. Tang & X. Cao, “Self-restraint Key to regional Peace,” China Daily, 1 April, 2002

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