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Jin Yingji


  Name: Jin Yingji

  Sex: Female

  Date of Birth: Feb., 1968

  Tel: (8610) 64022435

  Fax: (8610) 64063041


  Degree: PhD

  Foreign Language: Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese

  Research Area:

  Northeast Asian economy and economic cooperation

  Work Experience:

  2013.9~2014.8 visiting scholar, University of Pennsylvania

  2009.3~2010.2 visiting scholar, University of Pennsylvania

  Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 1997-Present

  Tianjin Xinlu Food Corporation Beijing Representative Office, 1990-1992


  Ph.D., in International Business, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea (2006)

  M.A., in International Relations, Peking University, China (1997)

  B.A., in Sociology, Peking University, China (1990)

On paper: