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Dong Xiangrong


Name: Dong Xiangrong 

Sex: Female

Tel: 8610-64039031

Fax: 8610-64063041


Degree: Ph. D

Title: Professor

Foreign Language: English, Korean

Research Area: Korean Studies

Education: Department of History, Peking University



1Building trust clears paths for the future ( CHINA DAILY 2010-8-26 )

2Qualitative changes of Nuclear Issue of Korean Peninsula and its Causes ( Annual Report on Development of Asia-Pacific(2010) 2010-1-1 )

3 대통령의 자살이 남긴 것은 ( 중국2009.7 2009-7-1 )

4Asymmetrical Alliance and Anti-Americanism in Republic of Korea ( Journal oContemporary Asia-Pacific Studies (Bimonthly),2009.6, pp.133-146. 2009-6-1 )




On paper: