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Shen Minghui


Name:Shen Minghui



Degree: Ph.D.

Title: professor

Foreign Language: English

Research Field: FTA issues and regional integration

Work Experience: Since July 2007, National Institute of International Strategy, (previously Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences



Director of Emerging Economies Dept. 

National Institute of International Strategy, CASS 

Secretary General of Center for APEC and East Asian Cooperation, CASS 



September 1, 2004- July 1, 2007 PhD, Economics and Management School of Wuhan University

September 1, 1997-September 1, 2001- July 1, 2004 M.A., Business School of Wuhan University

July 1, 2001 B.A., Economics School of Wuhan University



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